If the establishment Republican Party is against you – then I am for you.


“If the establishment republican party is against you – then I am for you”.  That’s the sentiment of the majority of the republican americans.  This is awesome!  it means that people understand that Washington is not going to change until the players change.  No more luke warm republicans that lie to get elected or re-elected.  No more allowing the President to legislate with his pen and his phone. (asshole).

Washington is a mess. Democrats are sick.  Republicans are mostly ball-less RINOs.  Candidates outside of the establishment is the best way to fix our nation.  Overturn the apple cart.  Bring on the people that want to be truthful and really represent the people.

It’s funny to me that the press looks at the turmoil among the Republicans in Washington as terrible.  This could not be further from the truth.  The Democrats are so far off track – that we need the Republicans to start fresh with honest conservatives.  Stopping this horrific move to the far, far left will only be done by representatives that are willing to say ‘no’ and crush Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and their cronies.